A.C.E Kang Yuchan Temporarily Steps Back from U.S. Tour Due to Health Issue

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In an unexpected turn of events, A.C.E member Kang Yuchan will be taking a temporary hiatus from the group's ongoing U.S. tour due to health reasons.

Kang YuchanKang Yuchan
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BEAT INTERACTIVE, the agency representing the popular K-pop group, announced on July 8 local time that Kang Yuchan has been diagnosed with a damaged eardrum caused by otitis media.

Agensi A.C.E, BEAT INTERACTIVE, mengumumkan bahwa Kang Yuchan telah didiagnosa menderita gendang telinga yang rusak karena otitis media. Otitis media adalah peradangan pada telinga bagian tengah akibat infeksi virus atau bakteri

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The agency's statement, released in English, detailed the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Kang Yuchan's health.

Following complaints of ear pain starting on July 7, Kang Yuchan sought medical attention immediately after the performance on July 8.

Medical professionals diagnosed him with a damaged eardrum and advised against flying, necessitating a period of rest and recovery.

As a result, Kang Yuchan will not be participating in A.C.E's upcoming concert scheduled for July 9 in Minneapolis, marking the beginning of his temporary hiatus from the tour.

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BEAT INTERACTIVE emphasized that Kang Yuchan's health and well-being are their utmost priority and assured fans that they will closely monitor his progress.

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We regret to inform you that A.C.E member Kang Yuchan has been experiencing ear pain since July 7th. After the performance on July 8th, he visited the emergency room and was diagnosed by medical staff with a damaged eardrum due to otitis media.

Following the medical team's advice, Kang Yuchan will be taking a break and resting until he is fully treated.
He has also been advised against flying.
Therefore, starting from the upcoming performance on July 9th in Minneapolis, Kang Yuchan will temporarily halt his tour schedule to focus on his recovery.

The health and safety of our artists are our top priorities.
We will closely monitor Kang Yuchan's progress and after thorough discussions with him, will inform fans about the resumption of his activities once he recovers.

We are grateful for the love and support you have shown A.C.E and the A.C.E 2024 U.S. TOUR [REWIND U.S.].
We will always do our utmost best for the well-being of our artists.

We sincerely apologize for delivering this unfortunate news and ask for your understanding.

Thank you.


A.C.E, known for their dynamic performances and strong fanbase, is currently on their "REWIND U.S. TOUR 2024," which has garnered significant attention and enthusiasm from international fans.

Kang Yuchan's absence from the tour is undoubtedly a setback, but fans have rallied online, sending their well wishes and support for his speedy recovery.

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