ASTRO Cha Eun Woo Has People Swooning Over His Looks At Chaumet Event: 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'

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The idol actor is going viral for his insane visuals!

On June 12, Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO attended luxury brand Chaumet's gala dinner in Venice, Italy. According to posts online, photos show the "STAY" singer making his way to the event in a dashing suit, which flaunted his handsome looks.

 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'
(Photo : TheQoo)

Furthermore, the fans who were present at the site were visibly shocked by the idol's presence and handsome looks.  

The photos also sparked an online post titled, "Cha Eun Woo At The Chaumet Event In Real Time." The author uploaded the photos, causing rave reactions from Korean netizens and AROHAs, who expressed how much of a national treasure Cha Eun Woo is! 

 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'
(Photo : TheQoo)
 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'
(Photo : TheQoo)
 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'
(Photo : TheQoo)
 'Appoint Him As National Treasure'
(Photo : TheQoo)

차은우 얼굴도 얼굴인데 얼굴도 얼굴임

— story (@cew_story) June 12, 2024

Read their comments below:

  • "Please appoint him as a national treasure."
  • "Cha Eun Woo, what are you?"
  • "Seriously, he's enhancing the national prestige. I'm not even joking."
  • "He's f**king handsome. How does he get more handsome each day?"
  • "I saw this as soon as I woke up and got up from my sleep right away
  • "My mouth hurts from calling him handsome
  • "The expressions of the girls behind him tell everything
  • "Wow f*ck, I was shocked as soon as I clicked him because of how handsome he looked in that first photo."
  • "Wow, the last video is unreal."
  • "It's not even my face but you make me proud Eun Woo-yah!"

베니스 쇼메 차은우
국위선양 ㄹㅈㄷ

— story (@cew_story) June 12, 2024

Meanwhile, international fans also joined the discussion to compliment the star!

  • "Lmao so real! When the post title starts with 'Cha Eun Woo," you already know your eyes will be blessed. This man jumped right out of a fairytale."
  • "I like looking through Cha Eun Woo posts because it's like an eye cleanser."
  • "He's so handsome. Like a Ken doll was brought to life."
  • "Whatever anyone says about their bias, he will always be the top visual for me, no one else in 3rd, 4th, or 5th gen will ever come close."
  • "Wow, he looks really good."
  • "He seriously looks like royalty."
— CHA EUNWOO PROJECTS (@CEWProjects) June 12, 2024  

I will forever love this amazing man. Thank you for your existence, Dongmin.

— Gleamarie / ENTITY BY CHA EUN WOO (@gleamarie) June 12, 2024  

Chaumet × CHA EUN-WOOは
ドキドキが止まらない#CHAEUNWOO #차은우#チャウヌ #ASTRO

— une↞ユヌ↞🤵🏻 (@une_eunwoo) June 13, 2024  

seeinf clips of eunwoo in venice and its like. OMG I WAS LITERALLY THERE IN OCTOBER?? seeing ur favs go to places youve been to is so😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

— 🦒 wants to start a band (@soobdrms) June 12, 2024   — Febb | 수정 (@febbfebria) June 12, 2024  


— ☆ (@sweeteunwo) June 12, 2024  — Nice_Cha (@Woo1Nice) June 12, 2024  

What was your reaction to Cha Eun Woo's visuals? Are you looking forward to more of his activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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