BamBam is a David Yong Fan! GOT7 Star Reveals His Admiration

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The K-pop world is abuzz with the latest revelation from GOT7's BamBam. The star, known for his charismatic stage presence and global fanbase, has recently expressed his admiration for none other than David Yong, the Singaporean businessman featured in Netflix's hit series "Super Rich in Korea."

David Yong (left) pictured with BamBam (center)David Yong (left) pictured with BamBam (center)

In a candid moment captured on Instagram, BamBam couldn't contain his excitement while speaking about David Yong. The video clip, part of the 데이비드 용의 용이 너 뭐니 series on Studio Jambox Youtube, shows BamBam sharing his reasons for admiring Yong. He highlights Yong's unique ability to flaunt his wealth in a way that is so refreshingly candid that it somehow feels sincere and lovable. In addition, the superstar shares his love for Yong's business acumen, his lavish lifestyle, and his contribution to making Korean entertainment global.

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David Yong, the 37-year-old CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, is no stranger to the limelight. With luxurious houses across Asia, a private jet, and a fleet of elegant cars, Yong's life is the epitome of success. His venture into K-content investment—most notably a groundbreaking investment into Attrakt, the agency behind Fifty Fifty girl group—showcases his deep love for K-pop. Yong's financiering of K-pop ventures has positioned him as a significant figure in the industry.

BamBam's admiration doesn't stop at Yong's wealth. He praises Yong's determination and vision, qualities that have made him a standout personality on the show. This unexpected endorsement from a K-pop idol like BamBam has only added to the intrigue surrounding David Yong.

David YongDavid Yong

Fans are thrilled to see this cross-industry admiration, with many taking to social media to express their excitement. "Super Rich in Korea" has not only given viewers a glimpse into the lives of the ultra-wealthy, but has also sparked interesting connections between the worlds of business and K-pop.

The episode featuring BamBam and David Yong has quickly become a fan favorite, with viewers praising the genuine interaction between the two. BamBam's down-to-earth nature and Yong's charismatic persona make for an entertaining and insightful watch.

This revelation has also sparked discussions about the influence of business moguls in the entertainment industry. Yong's investment in K-content is seen as a strategic move to bridge the gap between Korean entertainment and the global market. His efforts have been instrumental in promoting K-pop and Korean culture worldwide, earning him respect and admiration from both fans and industry insiders.

BamBam's fans, known as Ahgases, have shown overwhelming support for this newfound admiration. Social media platforms are flooded with clips and comments, celebrating the interaction between their idol and the business tycoon. Many fans are eager to see more collaborations and interactions between K-pop stars and influential figures like David Yong.

As the world of K-pop continues to evolve, such cross-industry interactions highlight the growing influence and reach of the genre. BamBam's endorsement of David Yong is a testament to the dynamic and interconnected nature of the entertainment industry today. For more updates on your favorite stars and their latest activities, keep following our K-pop gossip section!

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