BLACKPINK Jennie Influence? IVE Wonyoung's Fashion Choice Causes Online Sensation

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When it comes to the "IT" girls of K-Pop, IVE‘s Wonyoung and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie are at the top of their respective generations. Wonyoung's recent look is going viral because of the unexpected link to Jennie.

On June 10, IVE performed in Berlin, Germany. Ahead of the show, IVE did a soundcheck with fans and Wonyoung gained attention for her look, especially the beautiful sunglasses she was wearing.

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Netizens couldn't hide their excitement when it was revealed that Wonyoung was wearing glasses from Jennie's Jentle Salon range with Gentle Monster.

— WONYOUNG’S STYLE🤍 (@wonyoungcloset) June 10, 2024

Not only did Wonyoung have the glasses (Fish Tail BR3), but she also perfectly utilized the customization option with two different charms (Aile.B and Dottler.P).

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When the pictures were shared online, netizens couldn't get enough of the outfit because it was an unexpected link between the "IT" girl of K-Pop's third generation and the "IT" girl of K-Pop's fourth generation.

omg wonyoung wearing jennie x gentle monster ?!?

— w. (@itswonyseo) June 10, 2024


— َ (@wickyjang) June 10, 2024

Wonyoung is just like Jennie and I love it. #ive #iveinberlin #wonyoung

— E L L I E (@FlipThatChoerry) June 10, 2024

Wonyoung is just like Jennie and I love it. #ive #iveinberlin #wonyoung

— E L L I E (@FlipThatChoerry) June 10, 2024

IVE’s wonyoung is wearing jentle salon glasses designed by jennie 🎀🤍

— 𖤐 (@GhoulPinks) June 10, 2024

It's not the first IVE x Jennie crumbs as Gaeul and Rei were spotted with their own Jentle Monster glasses at the airport. The speculation around these connections continues to fuel excitement among fans, as they eagerly await further crumbs from the dynamic between these two influential figures in K-Pop fashion.

"Wonyoung's fashion choices always draw attention, but this connection to Jennie has taken things to a whole new level," remarked one fan on social media, encapsulating the buzz surrounding this unexpected fashion link.

The viral nature of Wonyoung's outfit underscores the influence these K-Pop stars wield not only in music but also in the fashion world, where their every choice becomes a trend-setting moment for fans worldwide.

In recent news, IVE Jang Wonyoung stunned fans with her recent Instagram photos, showcasing both innocence and seductive allure in black and white outfits.

Fans praised her versatility and beauty, comparing her to fictional characters and expressing awe at her appearance. Meanwhile, her group, IVE, is embarking on their first world tour, exciting fans with promises of captivating performances.

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