BTS’s Jin Unveils The One And Only Time He Got Mad During The Military

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He had good reason for it.


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BTS’s Jin, who was recently discharged from the military, kept his promise to fans as he met them for their 10th debut anniversary. Not long after, he began various promotions immediately, from filming content to becoming a global ambassador and holding interviews.


On July 10, Weverse Magazine dropped an interview with BTS’s Jin.


He revealed his reason for taking care of his military colleagues and why it was important to him.

jin3| Weverse Magazine

“Q: One soldier wrote on your military discharge letter that you bought them so much that they can’t remember them all. It’s already hard to take care of yourself. What is the reason for taking care of everyone else?

Jin: All the soldiers were nice to me. So, during my time there, I would laugh and say, ‘Sure. It’s ok to be wrong. How can you guys be at fault? Just because I enlisted six months earlier doesn’t mean I get to act like I’m better. Even though I have been in the entertainment industry for ten years, I still don’t know many things and make mistakes. This is how it goes. I’ve only gotten mad one time.”


He then shared the story of the one and only time he got mad during his time in the military.

iu2| Weverse Magazine

“Q: When was that one time you got mad?

Jin: One soldier got something wrong, but they kept joking and said, ‘I’ll take care of it.’ So I told them, ‘It’s ok to get it wrong. I know because I also make mistakes too. But if a senior tells you something, you must act like you’re listening. Do you think it’s right to keep taking it as a joke? I understand that, too, since we all have different personalities, but shouldn’t you learn if you don’t know something? I will tell you how to do it, so try not to joke around.’”

Hearing the story, we can see once again what a genuine and honest person he is!

iu1| Weverse Magazine

“Q: What a kind senior! We can see why you were called a ‘God.’

Jin: My military colleagues were also very kind. During the latter half of my military service, there wasn’t a single person who felt bad about writing letters to one another. Usually, the preference survey for executives and soldiers was around 38-40%, but the survey percentage rose to 98-99%. So many people were jealous of our unit because we were all close to one another.”

His personality has truly shined during the military! Also check out the reason for his popularity in the military below.

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