HYBE Faces Backlash For 'Excluding' NewJeans In 'Grammy Museum' Exhibition: 'Erasure Is Crazy'

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The K-pop community has been worried about NewJeans' future ever since HYBE and ADOR's conflict with each other started. Netizens and fans have speculated that the multi-label has attempted to sabotage NewJeans by allegedly downplaying the group's impact.

However, many pointed out that another attempt has been allegedly made by the conglomerate. On June 9, outlets reported that HYBE has an upcoming collaboration with The Grammy Museum, which will display an exhibition for its K-pop acts.

Michael Sticka, CEO of the Grammy Museum, expressed enthusiasm for the project, "HYBE and its artists represent the present and future of the global music landscape and our goal with the exhibit is to deepen the appreciation and respect for its creators and performers."

The CEO continued to acknowledge HYBE's contribution to innovation that spans across age, gender, and geography. It added that the exhibition is excited to provide a platform for fans to enjoy and express their love for K-pop.

Kim Taeho, HYBE's Chief Operating Officer, commented that the placement of this exhibition will share HYBE's journey and that fans are encouraged to visit the museum.

However, on social media platform X (Twitter), fans vented their frustration with HYBE's alleged exclusion of NewJeans.

  • "Where is NewJeans? WTF."
  • "HYBE is nothing with NewJeans."
  • "Leaving off NewJeans is crazy."
  • "Taking ADOR's money and still excluding them in everything. It's weird behavior."


— Protect NewJeans 🍀 🫧🍋‍🟩 (@Oceanaquablu) July 9, 2024  

“we thought you didn't want hybe associated with newjeans” oh you're right the point here is how hybe has placed itself in the media as the savior of newjeans to the point of treating girls’ parents as villains when we all know that’s not the case https://t.co/wjUOWXPycb pic.twitter.com/f5OffLujpf

— ✿ (@haerin1st) July 9, 2024  

my brother in christ, the fact that this is the first time that company has a successful worldwide girl group lmao, they really dont deserve my jeanies #FreeNewJeans https://t.co/ArpjLkpXap pic.twitter.com/xDtuZu1HI0

— nea (@kthditto) July 9, 2024  

It’s hilarious that *now* HYBE remembers Fromis 9, but excludes NewJeans which is their most profitable gg.

This isn’t the first time HYBE has acted shady towards Nwjns but at least now it’s clear HYBE doesn’t support Nwjns. https://t.co/LoyfitiDgS

— Alias (fan account) (@TokkiBonedo) July 9, 2024  

this is what being mistreated by your company actually looks like. NewJeans will never flourish as long as they’re under HYBE and it’s all due to greed and misogyny of the men in charge of this label https://t.co/iuwBuS78Op

— nil 𝜗𝜚 (@newjiram) July 9, 2024  

they got all the way including FROMIS but new jeans omg this beef is gonna go down in history books https://t.co/2zoFsv6lbj

— ‏ً (@onthesground) July 9, 2024  

it’s obvious they’re intentionally neglecting new jeans because even fromis there 😭😭😭

— claws (@clawsclaws) July 10, 2024  

While some argued that ADOR didn't want to be associated with HYBE anymore, many pointed out how that wasn't the issue. Others claimed that this was the result of Min Hee Hin and ADOR's stance against HYBE.

Because at the end of the day, they will always be under hybe. So for hybe to just completely leave them out of this is insane. Newjeans is bigger than half the groups up there. They should be included regardless.

— Mika long (@Mikaaawika) July 10, 2024

A few months ago you guys wanted NJ out of hybe, what are you doing complaining? pic.twitter.com/CSQfnGgnhh

— VI A YOONGI Y A LOUIS 🥢 (@ultraviolenceyg) July 10, 2024

you guys are always saying “fuck hybe” but you’re crying over this😭? idk why you guys expect everything to go back to normal after what mhj did. https://t.co/oxBfOhl0gM

— ً (@ilitzs) July 9, 2024

qrts are fucking dumb with “didn’t yall want to be out of the company” as long as nwjns are under a contract with hybe what they’re doing it’s basically discrimination and it’s a fucking crime to the law as a worker you deserve the same rights and opportunities as your coworkers https://t.co/ROGPUaVR2g

— liebert ☘ (@NAN4MICULT) July 9, 2024

y'all in the quotes are kinda forgetting hybe also have a contract with newjeans and they have to support them and promote them until the contract is over right? defending a fuckass agency like bang pd is your mother,,,, https://t.co/ySKe9e3Rsz

— lou 𐙚 🛸 (@bunntohru) July 9, 2024

do you guys want them to leave hybe or not? you’re just as confused as mhj😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/HzHZaD9ZgX

— r ⚢ (@viianwich) July 9, 2024

1. nwjns stans mad I thought yall want ur girlies out of hybe?

2. no other group or artist deserves to be there but bts. https://t.co/Sar3EtJzlR

— 🕷️ (@cuntmin_) July 9, 2024

genuine question. yall want them to leave hybe because of the mistreatment, but still want the hybe privileges. isn't that a bit contradictory? what do you want exactly?

— daly⁷ (@fearofgodyoongi) July 10, 2024

I don’t think that’s the issue tho, fans wanting them to stay or leave hybe is irrelevant. The issue here it’s that hybe claimed that they do support new jeans yet this happens, if anything, is proving mhj claims right

— ♡ (@eieieiez) July 9, 2024

What are your thoughts on this? Are you still looking forward to the exhibit? Let us know in the comments below!

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