It Wasn’t BTS RM’s Saxophone That Had Jin Do A Double-Take At His Discharge

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On June 12, BTS‘s Jin officially became a free man when he completed his mandatory military service and was discharged.

BTS's JinBTS’s Jin

Jin had his first Weverse Magazine interview since his discharge. So, interviewer Oh Minji congratulated and talked to him about his time since serving.


Oh Minji: Congratulations on finishing your military service!

Jin: It feels like I’m just on leave and have to get back to base. It still doesn’t feel like I’m really out yet. It’s quite disorienting, actually. I asked my friends and they said it’ll go away after a month or two, or maybe three. They said, “Just watch—you’ll say ‘I wanna go home’ out of habit, even once you’re out.” And I really do! (laughs)

When asked about adjusting to his new schedule, Jin explained it can be challenging. However, it’s manageable because he’s a “superstar.”


Oh Minji: In that case, have you been sticking to the same routine you had while you were in the army?

Jin: I still feel sleepy around 10 or 11 at night, but I have to get back on my work schedule, so sometimes I go to bed late, or wake up at five in the morning. It seems like I’m readjusting pretty quickly. It’s been around eight days since I got out and I’ve been working every day except one.

Oh Minji: Hasn’t that been tough?

Jin: But it’s just something I do, you know? Because I’m a superstar. (laughs)

That’s not all, though. Oh Minji also asked Jin what we were all low-key most curious to know about… his reaction to RM‘s unexpected “performance” at his discharge.

GP1VhLVXMAAef1PJin, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook

RM went viral when he showed up at Jin’s discharge, along with his members, playing “Dynamite” on the saxophone. It inspired many memes and fanart, and some ARMYs even developed theories about why RM chose to play the instrument during the heartfelt moment.


— lea⁷ 🧑🏻‍🚀 (@seokjinbit) June 12, 2024

not namjoon posting the squirtle meme

— namjoon pics (@rmarchives) June 13, 2024

saw someone suggest that Namjoon played the sax so that the reporters wouldn't hear their private convo and since you can hear Jin say hello to the security guard here, I kinda think that's right

— oomfenshmirtz (@o_biennis) June 12, 2024

Oh Minji mentioned, “Well, Mr. Superstar, the BTS song “Dynamite” played you off as you were discharged, right? And I saw RM playing the saxophone next to you. (laughs).” Jin unexpectedly revealed that he initially didn’t even notice RM was playing next to him, and he found out after videos were shared that the song played was their own song, “Dynamite!” He had assumed it was just average discharge music.

I didn’t even realize he was playing next to me, and I only found out the song being played was ‘Dynamite’ when I saw the video later. I was an assistant drill sergeant, so I was used to hearing the saxophone in recordings of the army band all the time, like at discharge and enlistment ceremonies. So when I heard music playing, I just assumed it was the same discharge music as always.

— Jin


Understandably, Jin was overwhelmed by everything. Yet, something about RM did catch his attention: RM’s bedazzled jorts!

I was crying, and I had to salute here and there because there were reporters, and I was just so overwhelmed that I had no idea. Then I turned to look and saw Namjoon and was like, ‘Huh?’ It was the typical Namjoon, but he was wearing something super weird! (laughs) It was like, ‘What? Anyway, thanks for coming. Alright, Namjoon, let’s go, let’s go.’

— Jin


rm jin

Similar to Jin’s description, a clip from the discharge even showed the eldest member telling RM, “Alright, that’s enough now.” 

🐨 😎🎷🎶~
🐹 alright, that's enough now
🐨 😅 *nods*
🐨 …
🐨 😎🎷🎶

— 💙 ᴮᴱ바다⁷ 💐 (SLOW) 💙 (@eternalhyyh) June 12, 2024

ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact that the saxophone fazed Jin the least. In reality, it was really RM’s fashion choice that caught Jin’s attention!

the fact that it wasn't the saxophone but namjoon's bedazzled jorts that made seokjin do a double take im crying

— mimir⁷🌊 (@agustduh_) July 10, 2024

Seokjin: I turned to look and saw Namjoon and was like, “Huh?” It was the typical Namjoon, but he was wearing something super weird! (laughs) It was like, “What? Anyway, thanks for coming. Alright, Namjoon, let’s go, let’s go.”


— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@sevenrchive) July 10, 2024

i’m crying at how the weirdest thing for jin was namjoon’s clothing choice and not the fact that he was playing a saxophone. bts please never change

— natalie (@rainjhope) July 10, 2024

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