KISS OF LIFE Shamelessly Opens Up About Being “Fake”

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They’re refreshingly candid!

Christine Fernandez

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KISS OF LIFE is a four-member girl group under S2 Entertainment.

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They are gaining attention not only for their sexy performances, but also for their lovely personalities behind the scenes. Fans loved how real they were when it came to their beauty.


This was as clear as ever when they appeared on Hyeri’s talk show, “Hyeri’s Club.” The senior idol recounted her past interaction with Natty when the latter had short hair. She was amazed upon seeing her again with long hair shortly afterwards.

At that time, we had the same salon. Natty came to say hello. You had short hair back then. But what’s really fascinating is when you made a comeback, it was already long again.

— Hyeri

Julie immediately jumped in with a serious face: “This is all fake.”

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Natty agreed and added without shame that everyone in the group has fake hair.

All of our hair is fake.


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The others chimed in with, “There’s nothing real here,” pointing towards their hair extensions.

They even went so far as to call themselves “Fake of Life”!

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This was far from the first time they were open about the enhancements they received to be as beautiful as they appear on screen, such as when Julie corrected a fan who thought she was makeup-free.

Fans, of course, found their candidness refreshing.

to see them talk so freely abt hair extentions, denying barefaced comments when they have makeup on, and most of all have healthy outlooks on diff body shapes and even skin tones.. it's so refreshing to see beauty being talked about in such a healthy way in kpop like this. 😭

— gela (@kiofrush) July 7, 2024

Check out the full video below.

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