Netizens Are Disgusted After Girl Group Made To React To A “Sexualized” Scene In Their Music Video

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“I hope this company burns.”

Sydney Lucas

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Netizens are furious after seeing girl group cignature react to the “sexualization” in their music video.

GQLDaAXbwAATOTyThe members of cignature | @cignature_j9/Twitter

Recently, cignature released their new song, and it gained backlash after netizens accused the company of “sexualizing” the members.

On June 15, the company released the members’ reactions to the video.

cignature(시그니처) – ‘풍덩’ M/V Reaction (ENG SUB) #시그니처 #채솔 #지원 #셀린 #클로이 #세미 #도희 #SweetiebutSaltie #풍덩 #Poongdung

— cignature (@cignature_J9) June 15, 2024

At first, the members seemed so excited to see the results of their hard work.

When one of the controversial scenes showed what is deemed a shot under the members’ skirts, the faces of the entire group fell, and they seemed shocked at what they saw. Some quickly tried to change emotions after the scene ended.

Yet, it wasn’t as easy for all the members. In particular, Chaesol‘s face continues to look withdrawn for the next few scenes in contrast to the excitement she had when the video first started.

After the video was posted, netizens were disgusted that the company had made the members watch it on camera the first time, and they were seemingly in the dark about the different shots and how they would be portrayed.

"they ask you how you are, and you just have to say you're fine when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it, because they would never understand."
(she didn't change her expression for a whole 30s 🥲)#SweetieButSaltie #풍덩 #시그니처 #cignature@cignature_J9

— elolery ⛱️ (@lolerinu) June 15, 2024

i hope this company burns i am digusted and so worried for these girls #protectcignature

— josie is seeing billlie! ‎✩ (@bbgIow) June 15, 2024

to make your idols sit there and react to their own unwanted sexualisation is insane. @OfficialC9ent may you burn. #cignature #시그니처

— best of cignature ⛱️ (@cignaturesj9) June 15, 2024

Oh that's not-#protectcignature @OfficialC9ent

— signfan universe⛱cignature fanbase (@signfanuniverse) June 15, 2024

You can read the original backlash below.

Netizens Furious At K-Pop Agency For “Sexualizing” Their Girl Group In New Music Video

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