[Review] Heaven – TAEYEON (SNSD)

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TAEYEON made her comeback on Monday with her latest single Heaven. This latest release follows on from her November 2023 comeback with the single To. X and the mini-album of the same name.

Heaven is a groovy dance pop track, with the synth work giving off a disco pop groove. The upbeat nature, which comes as part of the disco pop groove, gives Heaven a brightness that feels positive (despite the sinister and creepy visuals of the music video – more on that in the next section of the review). This brightness goes well with the lyrics, which speaks to the feeling of heaven when desires and wants are fulfilled. I also liked the lightness of the arrangement, which makes Heaven an easy-on-the-ears listen. And Heaven glides along with TAEYEON’s effortless and smooth vocals and melodies. Overall, I enjoyed the song. But I think there are ways to make the track stronger. Making it longer could do some wonders to the song. Heaven is over before you realize, spanning just over 2:30 minutes long. It doesn’t help that a light arrangement and smoothness comes with some disadvantages, such as potentially making a song forgettable. You ought to really pay attention to the song to register that it is Heaven. And a short length doesn’t really help with that. I do think Heaven could also benefit from something to anchor us with, such as stronger melodies, given the light/smooth/short approach. The way TAEYEON starts off Heaven‘s chorus was amazing, but I don’t get that same energy through the rest of the chorus.

Despite the song itself showcasing a positive message of what heaven feels like, the music video goes in a different and much darker direction. The contrast is interesting, but worth exploring. In the video, we see TAEYEON prepare food for her lover, so they can experience the same feeling of heaven that she has experienced. The dish in question does involve a few interesting ingredients (she is holding an apple that skin is made from hair, and she chases down a bear) and preparation methods (such as chopping ingredients with an axe). She cooks up a storm, present the dish to her partner, who she watches over whilst they eat her creation. In the end, the partner does experience the same heaven she experiences, but for some reason neither have that same euphoria that she experienced earlier in the video. It does make me wonder if TAEYEON’s character is some sort of serial killer, who gets a high off killing (i.e. the feeling of heaven). And the victim is the lover, who is unable to provide the same high anymore after they are dead, so she moves onto the next person. This theory might explain the final scenes of the music video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10

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