RIIZE Shotaro’s Unexpectedly References BLACKPINK’s Lisa During Fancall

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Can we have a collab now?


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When it comes to two K-Pop idols always praised for their dancing, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and RIIZE‘s Shotaro are always on people’s lists. Netizens have been treated to an unexpected “interaction” between the two idols.

380808287_319240314094374_864866BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
450258170_461571493150959_777901RIIZE’s Shotaro | @riize_official/Instagram

Lisa recently released her new song, “Rockstar.”

One of the stand-out and most memorable lines in the song goes, “Lisa, can you teach me Japanese?” I said はい、はい (hai hai).”

Recently, a fan had a call with Shotaro, and he was asked to teach the OP some Japanese phrases.

Shotaro then adorably sang the iconic “Japanese” line from Lisa’s song.

The OP then shared the adorable story behind Shotaro singing the lyrics, adding that he misheard her question and how cute he was after realizing it.

MMT 240709

🦦: “Can you teach me japanese? I said “‘hai hai!’”😄

he misheard my question and began singing rockstar😭 the moment he realized is so cute!#SHOTARO #쇼타로 #라이즈 pic.twitter.com/uEOUpkRLhn

— shy shy☀️ (@tomatoshyshy) July 9, 2024

Imagining a dance collaboration between Shotaro and Lisa would be the dream for a lot of fans.

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