Solo Stans Clash Amid BLACKPINK Lisa's Success & Jennie's Indoor Vaping Controversy

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The two solo fandoms are divided.

On July 10, Billboard News uploaded a preview of the latest updates regarding BLACKPINK members Lisa and Jennie. The announcer started by relaying Lisa's achievement in Billboard, as the soloist entered her first No. 1 at the Global 200 Excl. US with comeback "ROCKSTAR."

The report then continued that Lisa would head to New York to headline the 2024 Global Citizen Festival on September 28. According to sources, Lisa will join global artists such as Doja Cat, Post Malone, Jelly Roll, and Rauw Alejandro.

Afterwards, Billboard reported Lisa and Rosé's video on TikTok, which showed the pair having fun with the former's song "ROCKSTAR."

However, Lisa's news was followed by the updates on Jennie, who became a hot topic due to her controversial vaping clip that spread across the internet.

Billboard is looking at what the women of BLACKPINK are up to, from LISA's upcoming headline performance at Global Citizen Festival to Jennie's apology for vaping indoors. #BillboardNews

— billboard (@billboard) July 9, 2024

On July 9, ODD ATELIER released an official statement apologizing to everyone and confirming that Jennie had indeed vaped indoors.

The agency then shared that Jennie had also expressed her sincerest apologies to the staff present on-site. The news eventually caused divided reactions from the fandom, as some accused Billboard of using Jennie's name for clout.

  • "Deleted the first article and reposted again lmao."
  • "They do anything for clout."
  • "The fact this is coming from 'professionals.' I expected better than this all-time low headline."
  • "That headline was unnecessary."
  • "The worst promotion is taking Jennie's hot news in selling the tickets. Not respectful but it seems you're lower than ever @billboard."
  • "No Jennie, no clout."
  • "A repost. Just delete the whole post and repost it again with a better headline."
  • "Your caption is just messed up and you're using Jennie's name to hype someone else that can't even sell half of the tickets."

A repost?

— ً (@NbaJnk) July 9, 2024  

clout chasers 😭😭 imagine falling off so bad

— 💋 (@jnkrina) July 9, 2024  

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Meanwhile, the clip also stirred the two artists' respective solo fandoms Lilies and Jensetters.

lisa is smoking hot and the other is smoking pot

— aries ♥︎🐣 (@ilisayou_m) July 9, 2024

Lisa vs jenlung

— edelweiss³²⁷ (@lsm270397) July 9, 2024

Lmao the way she needs to be in a controversy to make “noise” 😭😭

— Mar 💫 (@luvxlalice) July 9, 2024

I’m crying her lala’s team must’ve cut billboard a big check use the money to buy out tickets for the festival first or it’s just gonna be Fredric and his nose in the audience

— TAY (@AIRJENS) July 9, 2024

Round 2 i better not see her fans acting brave again cause baby those tickets ain’t selling. 😭🙅🏽‍♀️

— ً (@NbaJnk) July 9, 2024

Someone said "lisa is smoking hot, and the other one is smoking pot"
I cantttt

— 𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑥 🍁 (@IIoud_aiix) July 9, 2024

Jensmoker stans on the qrts acting as if jenflop is useful. Go back to streaming her flop solo songs instead and CRY HARDER

— Sunny (@Sunny032797) July 9, 2024

Lots of lying and upset here It's okay Jendogs act like it's cool 😂🤭🤭

— Laly 𓋜 (@lalyexo) July 9, 2024

LISA comes to break records , others just breaking laws

— kheLOUD 🔱 (@be_LLOUD) July 9, 2024

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