Why The BTS Members Are All So Jealous Of Jin

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Even the staff noticed!

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BTS‘s Jin had his first Weverse Magazine interview since his discharge on June 12. Interviewer Oh Minji talked to Jin about his time since then.

BTS's JinBTS’s Jin

Oh Minji pointed out that Jin began as the only soldier in the group when he first enlisted. Yet, he is currently the sole civilian among the BTS members.

jinmiBTS members with Jin when he enlisted | @BTS_twt/X

Jin revealed that his fellow BTS members are quite jealous of him, too. Even the BIGHIT MUSIC staff have noticed it!

Yes, but the guys kept telling me they were so jealous, and the people from the management team who are always around told me they’d never seen such a genuine look of envy in their eyes. They all had that look on their face, they said.

— Jin

bts-rm-shares-a-picture-of-bts-celebrating-jins-military-v0-pda4v25u7s6d1.jpegBTS members with Jin after his discharge | @rkive/Instagram

Jin doesn’t want to rub it in their face by bragging. Still, he can’t help but tease them!

So I didn’t brag about it or anything, I just teased them a lot. It was too good seeing them get all worked up about it. I kept it up for around 30 minutes. (laughs)

— Jin


For instance, Jin recently poked fun at J-Hope, who is counting down the days until his discharge. Read more below.

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